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30+ Time Saving ChatGPT Prompts for Writing Ecommerce Product Copy

These ChatGPT Ecommerce Prompts will help you create high-quality product descriptions, compelling titles, SEO-optimized meta descriptions, and highly targeted product tags. 

Find a prompt that suits your needs, copy it into ChatGPT, add in your product details, and click generate — it couldn't be any easier 🦾.

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Grab the best AI prompts for writing Ecommerce product copy

This guide includes the following ChatGPT prompting templates:


Section 1: Prompts for Writing Product Descriptions 
      • Writing Product Descriptions That Include Certain Words
      • Crafting Product Descriptions That Exclude Certain Words
      • Boosting Sales with a Product Description That Motivates Customers to Make a Purchase
      • Elevate Your Product Copy by Writing Like an Expert Level Copywriter
      • Crafting Product Content with The Right Tones: From Humor to Luxury
      • Create Product Descriptions Within a Specific Word Range (Example: 150-300 Words)
      • Writing Keyword Rich Product Descriptions Optimized for Google and Amazon SEO
      • Writing Product Descriptions That Differentiates Your Product From Competition
      • Writing Descriptions for Specific Languages
      • Creating Product Descriptions that Capture the Imagination
      • Highlighting Value and Cost-Effectiveness in Descriptions
      • Create Industry-Tailored Descriptions That Resonate With Your Target Audience
Section 2: Prompts for Writing Product Titles
      • Titles with Optimal Length
      • Setting the Right Title Tone
      • Titles Optimized for Google & Amazon SEO
      • Titles for Specific Languages
      • Titles that Spark Urgency
      • Incorporating Social Proof into Product Titles
      • Titles Infused with Seasonal Charm
      • Titles that Spotlight Product Attributes & Key Features
      • Titles with Clear Variant Details
      • Titles that Radiate Luxury & Premium Quality
      • Combo-Packed Title Structures
Section 3: Prompts for Writing Meta Descriptions
      • Crafting Meta Descriptions of Optimal Length
      • Setting the Perfect Tone in Meta Descriptions
      • SEO-Optimized Meta Descriptions 
      • Meta Descriptions that Convey Scarcity & Urgency
      • Incorporating Social Proof in Meta Descriptions
      • Highlighting Key Features in Meta Descriptions
Section 4: Prompts for Generating Tags
    • Extracting Product Tags from Descriptions
    • Competitor-Informed Tag Generation
    • Sentiment-Informed Product Tag Generation
    • Generating Tags That Signal Purchase Intent


Unlock all these time saving, sales boosting prompts, AND discover how to seamlessly update your ecommerce store with one-click. Why wait? Grab the prompts today!

Grab the best AI prompts for writing Ecommerce product copy